My Amazon Recommendations

Here is a list of all the Amazon products that I personally recommend, some of which I have installed and others that I find interesting.

The list may be somewhat disorganized for your liking (and mine), but if you press Ctrl + F or Cmd + F (on Mac), you can do a quick search depending on what interests you.

Example search: ‘Doorbell

Let’s begin…

If you work late from home, undoubtedly, you need this keyboard. It is an excellent option for not disturbing the people around you or the little ones.

This is my personal keyboard, without a doubt an excellent recommendation.

To date, I would say that I have installed more than 50 Doorbells, most of them being Nest and Ring. Although the Nest 2 is a very good option, I would say that Ring has more features, and it is also a product of Amazon.

Yes, there were some privacy issues, but if you’re online, nothing is private nowadays.

An important tip, I recommend buying an additional battery pack, so your Ring won’t be offline while you recharge the battery (unless you have both batteries drained 😅).

This is amazing! If you have connection problems when watching Netflix or any streaming application, this is the solution.

Most Smart TVs come with a data connection via Ethernet (with cable). With this signal extender (if you want to call it that), you can enjoy a wired network without having to use a single cable, as it uses the electrical lines.

It works wonders, the only rule is to make sure that you use it in the same circuit panel.

If you try to place one in your house and the other in the Pool house, it is very likely that they will be on different circuits and it won’t work.

The installation is super easy, one is connected to your router and the other to the equipment you want, as long as it has an Ethernet connection.

And what if you have a FireStick?

There is this fabulous adapter, so you won’t get interrupted during the best moment of your favorite series.